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What do you picture when you hear the words, “college student?” Chances are you aren’t picturing the 28 percent of students who have children, or the 14 percent who attend school exclusively online. With the face of higher education is changing every year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is working hard to help ensure that higher education provides opportunity to college students and educators while exploring solutions and innovative policies through their Postsecondary Success team. 


In 2017, the Gates Postsecondary Success team decided to engage with their audiences of educators and policy makers, in new and innovative ways, and developed their first podcast focused on higher educationTo A Degree. I not only designed a variety of creative assets for the launch and continued promotion of the podcast, I also worked on a variety of branded social content, and event graphics for the Postsecondary Success team.


To A Degree 

Podcast Graphics

Audiences were able to listen to the podcast on multiple platforms (Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and the ToADegree website), which meant that there was a variety of graphics needed prior to launch of the first episode. I used the Postsecondary Success brand colors of teal and orange and created a variety of illustrated and photographic assets that were used across digital platforms, social media, and eventually for event graphics to help promote the podcast. 


Three ways to listen: Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud &


To A Degree
Social Graphics

By promoting the podcast through the Gates Education social channels we quickly grew a loyal audience base for the podcast.


Additional Postsecondary Success Graphics

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