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Authenticity50 offers luxury quality, American made home goods at reasonable prices. But as the brand looked to expand their product offerings, they knew they needed to refine the brand's look to set themselves apart in increasingly crowded market. A50 knew their strength was in their brand story. Their passion comes from being the only bedding company who's products are 100% made in America. However, they were struggling with how to tell their story in a compelling way, while growing their loyal customer base. 

There were many opportunities to update to a more unified visual direction, refine the messaging, and create a better user experience that encourages more first time and repeat purchases. It was clear from the start that we would completely overhaul the brand starting with a new logo, and visual system that impacted everything from digital to printed packaging that would usher in a new era for A50. But we didn't focus only on cosmetic changes to the brand, we worked on restructuring the website experience so that it was more intuitive for users to navigate, and planned how future cross-promotion of content across platforms, and marketing efforts could generate more engaged users and completed transactions. 

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Authenticity50 uses the phrase Seed-to-Stitch to highlight how their products are manufactured completely American made. Where most competitors utilize cotton or part of the manufacturing process overseas and then pass along the higher costs to the consumer, A50 supports small businesses across America to hand craft every aspect of their products. We created a secondary Seed-to-Stitch logo that now appears on packaging, product tags, and across digital experiences to help reinforce the value with the customer. 



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